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Brotherhood Nursery School Admissions FAQ's


General Information

Children must be 2 years old or older by June 30 to attend. 

Synagogue membership is not required to apply or to be accepted. If you choose Brotherhood,          membership in the synagogue s a requirement.

We observe Jewish holidays with our children; however, we welcome children from diverse ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds.



A one-hour small-group tour should be scheduled to learn about our community, hear an overview of our programs and meet our director. If, after touring, you would like to continue the admissions process, an application will be emailed to you. Tours are held on Mondays and Wednesdays in the fall at 10 AM.
Tours are for adults only.

With your application, please include a $75 application fee made payable to Brotherhood Synagogue along with a recent photo of your family. Please write your name on the back. Send these to:

Brotherhood Synagogue Nursery School

28 Gramercy Park South

New York, NY 10003


Play Sessions

 In December we will contact you with a date to bring your child to school for a 20-minute visit. Six children meet for a group play session with members of our staff. We ask that one parent accompany
the child to this appointment.



• As required by the Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY) all decisions will be emailed in accordance with dates set by ISAAGNY. This is usually at the end of February.



 Preference is given to synagogue members, but membership does not guarantee admission. Some admissions seasons members may be offered early acceptance.

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